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Over the last three years we’ve been posting gardening and related articles on Google+ on a regular basis. The collection we’ve put together has surprisingly been more appealing to people than we first envisaged and we acquired a reasonable following. It’s refreshing to know that there is still a healthy appetite for the world of Horticulture and for Science and the Environment as a whole. We thought it might be worthwhile to make the sources of those posts available on this page. It has been announced by Google that Google+ is being retired on the 2 April 2019, so before all those posts are laid to rest on that platform, this is an attempt to give them a new lease of life until a new platform is decided upon.

The majority of these links will take you to the BBC but not all of them. The Telegraph, The Guardian and other newspapers have also over the last couple of years published some very interesting stories relating to these topics. All the below links open in a new window, if you do find any dead links (as links are mortal too, please let us know and we’ll jump right on it.) You’ll find our personal favorite (“What price a  good gardener“) a little way down the page. Please browse away.

The Gardening Articles

One woman’s fight to save ‘the last place on Earth’ I thought that was Accrington?

Nation’s botanical treasure troves ‘under huge threat’ (What should I say?)

Ash dieback: ash woodlands ‘may flourish once again’ Good news for the Ash.

Tossing dead salmon is good for plants You’d better believe it!

Research worms ‘too old’ to go to space station Maybe they’d get pulled in to a wormhole?

UK steps towards zero-carbon economy It’s true.

Home remedies ‘no deterrent’ against slugs and snails I could have told you that.

Olive Harrisson: Story of unsung gardener revealed Unsung hero.

Taller plants moving into warmer Arctic This is an interesting one.

Quiz: Test your knowledge of evolution 
Have a go at this quiz, do you think you’ll pass with flying colours? Be honest, send us your score. First one to pass gets a silly hat and a whistle!

Spectacular super bloom transforms South African desert You’ve got to see it to believe it.

The secret life of fungi: Ten fascinating facts A good read.

The tree that bleeds… metal? (Really)

Six reasons plants are cleverer than you think They are you know.

Pests to eat more crops in warmer world The times they are a changin.

Why a village in New Zealand is trying to ban all cats How do you feel about this?

Rare Chinese tree’s flowers attract visitors to Roath Park Good luck Roath Park.

Wheat gene map to help ‘feed the world’ Did you know that there are over 25000 different cultivars of wheat in the world today. Wheat was first domesticated over twelve thousand years ago, long before Warburtons.

How the humble cabbage can stop cancers I eat it at least three times a week, Honestly.

More Gardening Articles

New pesticides ‘may have risks for bees’ That’s never a good thing.

Animals Behaving Badly You’ll love this one. 

Weedkiller glyphosate ‘doesn’t cause cancer’ – Bayer Especially if you eat lots of cabbage.

Petrichor: why does rain smell so good? There’s a reason for everything.

Arundel road scheme ‘could harm ancient woodland’ We definitely dont want to do that. 

Nation’s botanical treasures to go on display There’s still treasure?

Reality Check: Are butterflies getting rarer? Mmmm, hope not.

How the people of Delhi saved 16,000 trees from the axe Brave woman.

How trees secretly talk to each other Yes, they do.

What do slugs hate? Home remedies put to the test The bane of every garden.

Living in a woodland wonderland: The rise of the tree house It may become more popular than the “Man Shed”?

Five ways to break with plastic It is a problem, it truly is.

Plastics watch Have a listen to Sir David Attenborough.

In pictures: Summer and winter solstice celebrations Some amazing pictures.

Abandoned ‘ghost village’ in China becomes overgrown Nature taking back control.

Scientists shocked by mysterious deaths of ancient trees Sad.

Six reasons plants are cleverer than you think They are you know. 

Restoring life to the Aral Sea’s dead zone Amazing story.

Iran mushroom poisoning: More than 800 sick from deadly fungi Very tragic story. 

Seeds of hope: The gardens springing up in refugee camps  A heartwarming story.

‘Shocking’ human impact reported on world’s protected areas Will we ever learn?

Bee crisis: EU court backs near-total neonicotinoids ban 
Neonicotinoids are a class of neuroactive insecticides chemically similar to nicotine. In the 1980s Shell and in the 1990s Bayer started work on their development. The neonicotinoid family includes acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid and thiamethoxam, Wikipedia.

More Gardening Articles

Waterwheel: Ten times faster than a Venus flytrap That’s fast!

Plant ‘thugs’ crowd roadside flowers It’s only natural selection at work, isn’t it?

‘Feel good’ factor not CO2 boosts global forest expansion Interesting.

New climate ‘feedback loop’ discovered in freshwater lakes “Feedback Loop?” you learn something every day, almost.

Kew Gardens: World’s largest glasshouse reopens Don’t throw stones!

Genetic secrets of the rose revealed The rose can’t keep a secret.

Health warnings after toxic caterpillar outbreak in London Dangerous creepy crawlies.

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban 
On a serious note | Neonicotinoids are a class of neuroactive insecticides chemically similar to nicotine. In the 1980s Shell and in the 1990s Bayer started work on their development. The neonicotinoid family includes acetamiprid, clothianidin, imidacloprid, nitenpyram, nithiazine, thiacloprid and thiamethoxam, Wikipedia.

Plants of Power One of our favorites in these gardening articles.

Pakistan’s Ziarat: An ancient juniper forest and its living fossils Living fossil, sounds like someone I know?

Nazi legacy found in Norwegian trees An interesting story.

What is photosynthesis? Go on. give us a clue?

Banyan: Insecticide ‘drip’ to save 700-year-old Indian tree Where there’s a will there’s a way.  

Why do so many people die shovelling snow? It’s snow joke.

‘Loneliest tree’ records human epoch Epoch?

Pollution blights UK seagrass meadows More sad news but we need to know.

Origins of land plants pushed back in time Were still learning.

1,000-year-old oak on Offa’s Dyke in Welshpool falls That’s over 30 generations ago. So the little acorn that germinated over 1000 years ago was beginning its journey through a whole millennium. When your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa and grandma was alive, possibly? Think of it. 

More Gardening Articles

EUROPEAN TREE OF THE YEAR 2018 And the winner is?

RSPB The Lodge webcams are a great way to spot your favourite garden birds in action. Watch the birdie.

Paraguay lagoon sees giant lily pads return Now these really are biguns.

How flowering plants conquered the world The only empire that still survives?

Northern Forest: Plan to plant ‘ribbon of woodland’ across England We should see more of it.

Why is it so hard to swat a fly? Where’s it gone!

What’s really the point of wasps? Did I get it?

Gardens under threat from ‘game changing’ plant disease Keep your eyes out.

Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science Something to be proud of.

The man prepared to go to prison to save Sheffield’s trees Did he end up going? Let me know.

Seeds hold hidden treasures for future food Our legends tell we came from a seed, that travelled at a whirlwind speed… (Lyrics anyone?)

What price a good gardener? 
Top gardeners need long training, dedication and artistry. So at least pay them respect, says Mary Keen.

Alarm over decline in flying insects Another alarm bell!

New Forest champion arboriculturist talks about her love of trees Worth watching.

Japan to restore neglected gardens abroad Remote spending?

Britain in Bloom winning Lancashire village claims it once ‘cheated’ by getting ready made displays delivered Oh my goodness.

The gardener of Kabul We are everywhere.

The 83-year-old inspiring teenagers through gardening Good on ya.

Brits urged to make gardens more hedgehog friendly in bid to halt animal’s rapid decline Are you listening?

‘Bionic’ plants can detect explosives Watch where you step.

The plight of the conker Reminds me of when we were kids.

More Gardening Articles

Bosnian pine tree is Europe’s oldest living thing at 1,075 years old, say scientists Older than the above Oak.

Action needed to ‘future-proof’ pollinators Well, let’s take it.

Neonic pesticide link to long-term wild bee decline More pesticide news.

Japanese knotweed web advice ‘confusing’ Its knotweed is it?

New Yorkers flock to foul flower Hold your nose.

Can gardening improve the nation’s health? Of course it can!

Find anything to laugh, cry, or otherwise deeply reflect upon? Oh, before I forget,  be sure to visit our Downloads Page for some interesting resources on all aspects of developing your garden. There really is some great ideas! Thank you to The Wildlife Trusts.

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