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Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative

A picture of an untreated grey shed.

Is it time to spruce up your shed?

How a couple of litres of good quality wood preservative and a few hours work can give your greying shed a new lease of life. It won’t cost much or take long to get great results

The little garden shed above is quite new and already you can see the timber turning grey. This is a common problem. When you first purchase your shed, it may look very attractive initially, but in most cases, that won’t last long. It’s tempting to leave it as it is and the last thing you’ll probably think of is treating a brand-new shed with a wood preservative. In most cases we’d advise that you do just that. This will prevent the rapid greying after just twelve months and will soak the timber to a deeper level with preservative, prolonging its life and helping it to retain its initial visual appeal.

There are many different wood preservatives on the market and we have tried a few of them over the years, but the same shed below was treated with Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative in a Light Brown. You can see the results for yourself, a greying shed, reinvigorated and looking much better. We think it does a stunning job. This shed was treated in a couple of hours with two people working together and with only two litres of preservative. So, when you get the time and the weather is fair, why not give your shed a treat and freshen up your garden?

An picture of a shed treated with 'Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative'

Well worth a couple of hours work, and and two of litres of preservative wouldn’t you say?

Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative, a solvent-based high-performance exterior wood preserver. Perfect for sheds, fences, decking, summer houses and other garden wood. Protects timber against wood boring insects, wood rotting fungi and blue stain. Contains wax and water repellent resins, UV fade resistant colour pigments. Is a deep penetrating formula for long lasting protection, low odor. What more do you want? Keep it to yourself though.