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The services we provide

Seasonal garden services – Care programmes

We are as flexible as possible in the way we provide our garden services for the benefit and convenience of our customers. We understand that everyone’s situation and garden is unique.

In season programme

Regular maintenance of your garden during the active growing season will help to keep it looking its best and allow you to enjoy your outside living space. You can dispense with the worry of “will I be able to cut the grass this weekend?” and leave it to us. Our In Season Programme runs from the first week in March until the last week in October. All gardens will benefit from this programme.

Winter programme

Autumn and winter may not be your favourite seasons in the garden but we don’t mind being there weather permitting. You may be surprised at just how much needs to be done during these months. Our out of season Winter Programme is to ensure that everything is ready for the onset of a brand new spring. It runs from the first week in November to the last week in February. Some gardens will benefit from this programme depending on their aspect and location.

This is a time for heavy pruning of trees and shrubs and a chance to catch up on all the jobs there is little time to do during the active growing season. Cleaning hard surfaces and greenhouses among other things, and if the weather is kind it’s a good time to treat all your timber structures with a good quality Wood Preservative. You can find some great tips on winter work in the garden on the RHS website. In fact there’s a list of jobs you can indulge yourself in at any time of year.

Bespoke quotations

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation on a one off quick tidy or any other work in your garden, at any time of the year. We will be more than happy to call round and assess the job you have in mind. Contact Us Now.